At the Jardin des 4M, we enjoy entertaining and share our passions in a fun and relaxed way!

    Marie and Matthieu have designed this place for all these good reasons, and for your pleasure!

    Marie is a self-taught passionate gardener. She has now been cultivating her garden-labyrinth in permaculture over 3 years and makes it visit with pleasure! Permaculture is for her common sense and a commitment in doing  her share in search of a better future. Respect for nature is essential. Cultivate one’s own garden a happiness,… good food is a necessity …

    Matthieu is a professional cook. He naturally got to like  cooking very young. His mother says that at the age of 9, he was already taking orders from diners around the table during family meals! At the age of 14, passionate about culinary arts and tableware, he enrolled  the hotel school Jehanne de France in Lyon and continued his training at the Lycée Bellerive in Vienna. He  worked at the Domaine de Divonne and  in other several major hotels in Lyon. Good products lover, he develops creative cuisine, evolving with the seasons and revisits traditional dishes. His specialty is :  low temperature cooking. Without fat, this technique retains the flavors and nutritional values ​​of the products to sublimate them.

    The link is all found: to combine their passions Mary and Matthew create a vegetable garden that will supply Matthew’s kitchen! So when they decide to open their establishment, organize gardening and cooking workshops seems to be obvious!

    To privilege the exchanges, the workshops are limited to a small number of participants (maximum 5 for cooking workshops, 10 for  gardening).

    It’s a great opportunity to bind ourselves together, or to spend a convivial  time with friends, create lasting memories with your children during a family activity or to celebrate your child’s birthday with his friends in a unique place!

    On reservation – depending on the season and to cope with the weather! – here are the formulas that we can offer:

    • Gardening workshop

      You will learn how to prepare seedlings or make a cutting, repot a plant … there is always something to do in the garden! and you will take home a small pot to grow at home, a cutting or a bag of seeds from the garden of 4M! ˙

    • Introductory courses in permaculture

      With a certified permaculture trainer, undergo a training course and discover permaculture techniques. Courses can be organized over 1 or more days with accommodation and catering on site.

      Introductory courses in permaculture

    • Birthday party in the garden

      Nature entertainment and outdoor games for children (from 6 to 11 years) + birthday cake (prepared by our Chef Matthieu) and drinks served in the garden.

    • Cooking workshop for children

      In a small group or accompanied by a parent, introduce the world of a real professional cooking to your future little gourmets! The assurance of imperishable memories, and a great shared moment !

      Cooking workshop for children

    • Cooking workshop for adults

      Learn an original recipe, according to the season, and the inspiration of Chef Matthieu’s moment, and local products from our producers.

    • Garden + cooking Workshop

      Harvest vegetables that you will then cook with Chef Matthieu. You can win at home a good meal for the pleasure of your loved ones (and your pride!) Or enjoy it together on site !

      Garden + cooking Workshop

    • Tasting evening

      Invite your collaborators or your friends to a tasting evening coached by one of our professional service providers or local producers who will transmit you the love of his trade and his secrets of manufacture! For example: “Food and wine pairing” evening, “wine-bread-cheese-charcuterie” evening or any other appetizing theme! …