Good vegetables grown in a natural way, what’s more tasty ?


    in the form of a labyrinth – Already opened – 

    will partially supply the kitchen  (aromatic plants and edible flowers).

    What is permaculture ?

    In the garden, we apply the principles of permaculture: no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers to preserve biodiversity, soil amendment with plant materials, rotation and crop combinations, limit watering by covering the ground … etc.

    Permaculture in the broad sense, as a “permanent culture” that can be applied to agricultural culture but also to everyday life (of a society, a group of people, a family or even a single individual) As in the life of a company (in its mode of operation and organization), it concerns the sustainability of natural living systems, the adaptation to the environment and the transmission of culture and human traditions.

    Autodicat, we learned throughout , through exchanges with the elders and other people experienced in the field, in books and videos … it is a vast subject, very rich of lessons !

    Permaculture is for us a new way of life that goes in the “common sense” – that of sustainable and reasoned development – that motivated our thinking for the design of this establishment, and that we apply in our daily life, in the garden, but also in the operation of our establishment.

    In the image of the garden, diversity is a positive factor: preserving biodiversity makes it possible to create an efficient, more resilient and resistant system that is self-regulating.

    Diversity creates a more balanced and harmonious, richer whole.

    Paradoxically, this sustainability depends largely on flexibility and change. To adapt to it is to put oneself into action in a positive way, it is putting in place new provisions to find a certain balance, although temporary, before the next change.

    The interest of these changes is the opportunity to question oneself, to look at things from a different angle, is to find new and original ways of adapting to them – it is “the creative renewal “.