The 4M This is Marie, Matthieu, Margaux et Mathilde !

    We settled in this beautiful “corner” of paradise to realize our dream:
    … because the hotel-restaurant is our job … but also our passion!

    The small and beautiful story of the Jardin des 4M

    My grandfather was a native of this little village of Saint Regis du Coin located in the Pilat Regional Nature Park, where my great-grandfather was a blacksmith.

    My oldest ancestor was born here in 1815.

    During the last war, my grandmother , native of St Etienne, was send to the boarding school of the Village, and spend her family holidays in this farm which we acquired in December 2016.

    This is where my grandparents met … and it was the great love of a lifetime … After his career in the textile industry in Saint Etienne, my grandfather wanted to return to live in this village, and this house, filled my grandmother’s childhood memories were then for sale. They bought it without hesitation!

    I was then 3 years old … and I myself spent all my holidays as a child! What sweet memories!

    With Matthieu, we had a dream for a long time: to return to our “core business”, the hotel and catering industry.

    When my grandparents left the house, and it was reluctantly put on sale by the whole family, we decided to realize this big project by transforming this old typical farm of Pilat into a place of welcome where it is good to stay in all seasons.

    So it’s now up to our little family – the “4Ms” for Mary, Matthew, Margaux and Mathilde – to continue this beautiful family history.

    Our two children are now going to the little school in the village, where my grandfather went to school. A real “homecoming” for our entire family; and the immense chance for us to be able to reconcile our profession and our family life, to realize the dream we have been working on for many years now … and to be able to raise our children in a healthy and privileged environment, away from the tumult of the city our lifetime choice !

    It is therefore for us a real choice of professional and family life.

    Le Jardin des 4M, a philosophy of life

    We are a couple expercience from hotel catering.

    After many years of study and with various professional experiences in hospitality, tourism, territorial development and business management, and after having worked in large classical hotel structures, we wanted to create a warm and welcoming a human scale Tourist location while exchanging with our guests, as when we welcome relatives at home …

    Our ambition is to build a global, qualitative and sustainable project.

    We are sensitive to the concept of Sustainable Development – the leitmotif of our thinking.

    We want to bring this philosophy in line with our daily practices: concept of development and renovation respectful of the history of the place and its environment, selection of suppliers and partners according to several ethical criteria on their mode of production, livestock or cultivation, short-circuit and local food supply, use of ecological cleaning products, waste recycling and material recovery, promote energy savings, including low-energy equipment, and showers rather than baths, because the water of our mountains is a precious resource …

    Aware of specific diets ….., we also adapt our menus to specific diets (without meat, without allergens …). Margaux, our eldest daughter, being celiac (gluten intolerance), we offer gluten-free dishes at the restaurant.

    We are convinced that healthy and balanced food ensures good health, as much as the water we drink or the air we breathe. This is what we teach our children as the essential basis of their education: where do the foods we eat come from? How are they produced? Are they good for our health and our environment? That’s why we created a vegetable garden at the village school to help children discover how the vegetables we have on our plate are grown.

    We are aware and convinced of the need to put our personal and professional activities in this perspective to be the actors responsible for a better future.